And the worst hosting award goes to…

And the worst hosting award goes to…

Previously I wrote about the awful time I had using Dreampress for blogger imports. Their title of worst hosting service has been usurped by a couple of other companies now!

Hostgator’s Managed WordPress hosting – Overall the quality of service is fine. However, they don’t give you the ability to clear memcached because you don’t have access to SSH. If you’re not running a Blogger import Hostgator’s managed service is fine, but the lack of control on a managed account is egregious.

However, that’s not the new king and ruler of worst-hosting-world. No, that title goes to Aabaco. I had this misfortune of dealing with a client’s older retired site on this platform. I don’t even need to write out all the reasons they’re horrible because many others have already done the work. So Aabaco/Yahoo!, hats off to you, you shouldn’t even be in the hosting business, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Looking for awesome hosting at the best price? Cloudways is where it’s at (that’s an affiliate link, but honestly and truly, I love them. Best hosting ever). Use code SPUNMONKEY for $10 off!

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