These are personal recommendations purely based on my experience. They are not reciprocal, meaning I do not require these people to recommend my services, nor do I receive a commission.

If you’re looking for a recommendation not on this list that means I haven’t found someone I like well enough to put on this list (or they’re not looking for recommendations at this time).

Are you a graphic designer looking for more work or to partner up? I am always looking for great graphic designers to recommend and hire. You need to have an online portfolio, be responsive, and obviously you need to be currently accepting new clients. Send me a message.

Virtual Assistant – – Shannon and I have worked on various projects together and she’s great, very on top of things.

Branding and Identity – 407 – The women at 407 are so incredibly with it. Wonderful taste, very responsive, talented, and thorough. I absolutely love working with them. If you need a full branding and identity overhaul they’re your folks.

Social Media and Marketing – – If you need help refining your voice or being heard Meighan’s the person for the job.  She’ll help you take your social media presence to the next level.

Email Marketing – – Abby has an email marketing jumpstart class that will help you improve your reach and streamline your email marketing strategy.