Imagine Gnats

Blogger Migration, Custom Theme, Wholesale, WooCommerce
About This Project

I’ve been acquaintances with Rachael for a couple of years now. I knew she was using Blogger, and I’d helped her with code problems a few times. I dropped a few not-so-subtle hints that she should make the move to WordPress, and she’s finally done it! Rachael needed a great shop with credit card processing, a super customizable theme, and lots of photography features. We chose the perfect theme, signed her up for hosting, and worked together to build the site she’s always wanted.

Rachael says: “I owe a huge, giant, massive, scream-from-the-top-of-the-mountain “thank you” to the very amazing Sarah of Spunmonkey because she is absolutely the best! i could not do any of this without her. if you are even thinking about updating your site, she’s your gal!!!”