Is Spunmonkey Right for You?

Not all developers are a good match for a client, and not all clients are ready for a new website. Here’s a little chart to help you decide if I’m the right developer for you, and also if you’re ready to work with me.


Is Spunmonkey Right for You?

  • Absolutely!

    • You know exactly how you want your website to look when we are done
    • You have had your existing WordPress website for quite some time, and are comfortable managing it.
    • Your website/business generates some revenue, either via ads or sales of some sort
    • You can commit to a timeline
    • You have a graphic designer, or you already have your logo and graphic/brand identity
    • You were ready…yesterday!

  • Maybe Not...

    • You want a 100% custom, from scratch, website. Right now. And you don’t have a graphic designer.
    • You don’t already have a WordPress website
    • You need graphic design components for your existing website
    • You are unsure of your graphic/brand identity
    • You’re a part-time hobby blogger with less than 100 hits/day.
    • You are not available to answer questions
    • You’re not sure if your website is important to you
    • You don’t have a vision or plan for your website or business