As of Jan. 1, 2017 I currently bill $95 USD per hour for all general work.

I will no longer be accepting new clients as of Nov. 2017.

 I currently only offer pre-paid maintenance retainers. For clients that need a little bit of work here and there but don’t need it all at once you can buy a block of  support hours for $95/hour USD. Your retainer is good for two years, is renewable as needed, and can be used at any time. After two years the hours will expire. All hours worked are clearly explained and reported on a regular basis.

Available Packages and Pricing

3 hours pre-paid: $95/hr, $285 total.

4 hours pre-paid: $90/hr, $360 total.

5 hours pre-paid: $85/hr, $425 total.

6+ hours pre-paid: $80/hr.