DreamPress – A dream, or a nightmare?

DreamPress – A dream, or a nightmare?

First, and I will say this over and over and over again: Dreamhost’s support team are awesome. I have had excellent chat support every time I’ve needed it, and the only reason I would ever recommend Dreamhost is because of the amazing support crew. Vince, you’re my guy. You deserve¬†a raise for your patience and care.

Now. Let’s talk about DreamPress. I have spent the better part of two days now trying to get a client’s blogger content to import into a DreamPress site. I have never had any trouble from this importer with any other hosting company – Cloudways, Bluehost, Hostgator, MidPhase, LiquidWeb, the importer has always worked perfectly. Even with the strictest of PHP settings it works great. The importer I use is Blogger Importer Extended.

But here’s the kicker with DreamPress – their extremely aggressive caching scheme gives very little control to the customer. The customer cannot clear memcached (caching database queries) without going into SSH. And once cleared, you really need to restart it, but you don’t have the correct permissions to do that. In an ideal world, DreamPress’s aggressive caching is great. It ensures speed for any amateur level website, probably up to at least 10k hits a day. But that’s an ideal world. For real users it’s falling short.

What’s the big deal? Well after running a content import for several hours, the import stops working. I have to reload the page, and it insists on reloading the cached version. Which means it immediately fails. And fails and fails and fails. It takes a forced cache clear via SSH (because there is no GUI control or plugin to clear memcached with DreamPress…. WHY) and deleting BIE’s entries in the database to reset the plugin, which then has to re-check all the imported content all over again.

As of right now, with no way to clear memcached manually in the GUI, and with this import conflict, I can’t recommend Dreamhost and I refuse to run blogger migrations into Dreamhost. I already wasn’t a fan of Dreamhost’s admin area, but this seals the deal. It’s off my list.